Ski and Snowboard Tuning Rates

We offer true hand crafted ski and snowboard tunes by our highly trained staff and stone grinds from Montana Crystal Glide. See below for our current ski and snowboard tuning rates.
All tunes are guaranteed by 8am the next morning!

Let us bring new life into your skis and/or board.

1. Ski/Board Wax Only$20.00
2. Quick Tune (Edge and Roller Wax)$20.00
3. Basic Tune (Edge and Hot Wax)$35.00
4. Full Tune (No Base Work)$50.00
5. The Works (Full Tune with Base Work)$60.00 & Up
6. System Ski Binding Mount$40.00
7. Mount (Flat Ski)$60.00
8. Re-Mount (Flat Ski)$60.00
9. Binding Adjust & Test$30.00
10. Stripped Hole Inserts$10/per hole
11. Misc. Repairs$40/per hour

*All tunes are guaranteed ready by 8am the following morning.